Eleven Eleven

Photo credit : Kate Alarcon of The Cobra Lily

Photo credit : Kate Alarcon of The Cobra Lily

Bucket List, October

7 Ocober, 2015

Dear Friends,


if you haven’t checked out the website for a few days you may have missed the October Bucket List.  1st one to comment gets a letter from New York.

Cheers, friends!


Bucket List, July and August

22 July,  2015

Dear Friends,

I’m in the middle of moving from Italy to New York via France.  It’s about as complicated

as it sounds and some things have slipped my mind in the process, like the fact that it’s my

wee brother’s birthday today!   Too late to get a card in the post so he’s getting one of my

personalized e-greetings this year.  He is high on the spectrum of fabulousness, by the way.

Doug 2015

I’m in the middle of sharing tons of things, so here I am sharing my brother’s birthday

with the world.  Happy Birthday, Doug! 

I’m giving away, too – anybody want books in English?  To be collected.

Contact me for my french address if you want any.

The Une Année d’Amitié Bucket List is up to date with my vow to share.  July and August are

sharing the billet.


Peace and Love,



Straw Poll. Help!

I’m working on a logo for an emerging hand knitting yarn company called Ortolano.  You haven’t heard of it yet.  But we’re working on that.  Logo selection is currently down to 2 very similar ones.  Any opinions?

Logo 1, which is actually version 16, is like this :

Ortolano Trial 18 in Hand Stamp Swiss Rough Sans Regular

Logo 2, alias version 18, is like this :

Ortolano Trial 16

Yes, they look very much alike except that lano is upside down in Logo 2.  The mock-up labels for skeins of yarn would look a bit like this (fictional composition) :

Dry Line 5, Ortolano 18  Dry Line 5, Ortolano 16

I really want some outside opinions, so here’s the ballot :

A) Logo 1

B) Logo 2

C) Diane, you’re nit picking

D) Back to the drawing board

E) Shouldn’t you be packing?

Replies by FB comment or by email to poste@uneanneedamitie.com.  Thanks tons.

Peace and Love,


PS Here’s proof all is not in procrastination mode.  Landie is getting ready for the trip back to France.

image1 (2)